About us

Georg BioSystems, a company producing health and beauty products, is one of the fastest growing in the market today. It has been working in the pharmaceutical field for more than 10 years, and in the field of biotechnology, for more than 30 years.

Having concentrated the experience of domestic and foreign scientists, it creates products based on natural components. As a full-cycle company, Georg BioSystems develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of medical, preventative and cosmetic products. In its work, the company uses natural and hypoallergenic raw materials, and careful compliance with international standards guarantees the quality and safety of products.

Georg BioSystems has a modern research and control laboratory, as well as its own production. The company produces more than 60 types of certified products for Ukraine, England, USA, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Russia, Georgia, China, Bulgaria, the countries of the Balkan region, etc. Among its brands there are NATURE.med® cosmetics, ENT-series, a series of probiotics, chondroprotectors, venotonics, natural balms, syrups, scar creams, mouth rinses, etc.

By producing quality products, the company follows eternal values. The most important of them is people, both the company's customers and its staff.

Maintaining feedback is the company's first and foremost goal. Customers inspire Georg BioSystems to constantly improve, develop original products, introduce advanced production technologies, and install the latest equipment.

And the company’s staff, following the main mission – care for beauty and health through the creation of high-quality natural products, demonstrates the highest professionalism and desire to complete the tasks.

For their implementation, the company follows in several directions. First of all, this is a thorough compliance of product quality with the requirements of ISO 9001 standards. The company applies modern methods of service quality management at all stages of production, from the control of raw materials to the final stage – the release of the finished product. It organizes continuous staff development, introducing ways to increase professional competence.

Georg BioSystems cares of your health and beauty!