Georg BioSystems is a full cycle pharmaceutical company. We develop, manufacture and market a wide range of medical, preventive and cosmetic products. In our work we use natural, hypoallergenic raw materials, and compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards guarantees the quality and safety of products.

The company is headed by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, academician of the Higher School of Ukraine Seleznev Kostiantyn Heorhiiovych. Due to this, our products, which satisfy the most urgent customer needs, are in demand in the modern pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.

Our main principles are openness, flexibility, respect for partners, reasonable pricing policy, and maintaining customer feedback. We are a young and dynamically developing company, which in a short period of its existence has gained serious positions in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets. This has become possible, among other things, due to the fact that we are doing everything for the sake of our client and for our client. It was this approach that allowed us to achieve recognition and high results in such a short time. Cooperating with large companies in Ukraine and abroad, we are always open to the public, Ukrainian and foreign partners. We are ready to offer them high-quality, affordable products that are in high demand among the relevant target audience. Sales growth convincingly testifies to the demand for our products.

One of our top priorities is to comply with the feedback principle, which our marketing department is clearly oriented to. Listening and hearing our consumers, we always keep our finger on the pulse. They stimulate us to actively grow, develop and strengthen our positions more and more.

Due to our two products becoming the national record holder in 2013, we are not satisfied with what has been achieved. We are sure that this is only the beginning!