Dermofibraze cream for cicatrices


Recommendations for use

As an aid in the complex treatment to reduce and eliminate cicatrices and cosmetic skin defects that occur after:

  • surgical intervention (removal of a mole, etc.);
  • minor skin lesions;
  • acne eruption (including after dermabrasion);
  • thermal burns; laser therapy (including after tattoo removal); 
  • for stretch marks resulting from a sudden change in weight. 

Applies from 1 year old.

Product form: cream, 30 g.

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Active Components
spongilla extract spongilla extract

Produces antiphlogistic, antiedematous and transdermal (conductive through the skin barrier) effect, which significantly enhances the activity of other natural components.

Allium Porrum extract  Allium Porrum extract

Antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory effect on cicatrices. 

Allium Cepa extract Allium Cepa extract

Produces softening and tightening effect on cicatrices.

polymethylsiloxane (silicone) polymethylsiloxane (silicone)

Smoothes cicatrices and scars, smoothes the skin surface.

urea urea

Has whitening effect.

menthol menthol

It has a cooling, tonic and relaxing effect.

camphor camphor

Produces locally irritative and antiseptic effect.

allantoin allantoin

Softens cicatrices and scars, slows down the fibroblasts growth.

D-panthenol D-panthenol

Produces regenerative and antiphlogistic action, intensively nourishes and moisturizes.

Dermofibraze cream for cicatrices
Dermofibraze cream for cicatrices
Dermofibraze cream for cicatrices

Application method

For external application. Applies only after wound healing.

Pierce the tube membrane with a spike on the top of the cap. Squeeze and apply the cream on the cicatrical surface. Rub the cream into the problem area 3-4 times a day under light pressure for 3-5 minutes until completely absorbed. Rub in a circular motion, with light pressure and zigzag movements along the length of the cicatrice or stretching the skin from the center to the periphery (average preparation consumption per application is 0.5 cm of the cream on a cicatrical surface with an area of 20-25 cm2). Avoid contact with eyes.

The most optimal is the use of cream from 7-14th day after wound healing.

Reason Usage period
For superficial cutaneous lesion 8-12 weeks
For skin stretching 3-6 months
Cicatrices after acne 3-6 months
Cicatrices after surgical intervention 3-6 months or more

For old dense cicatrices, it is recommended to additionally apply an occlusive dressing with cream for the night every other day, for 3-6 months.

Dermofibraze cream for cicatrices
Dermofibraze cream for cicatrices
Dermofibraze cream for cicatrices
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